Needles are integral accessories for glass microsyringes. As a result, they are one of the most broadly used items in medical and science laboratories. Construction of needles begins with high-quality stainless steel. They are typically available in a variety of gauges (diameters) and lengths. The choice of a particular needle strongly depends on the intended application. At this point in time, consumers can buy needles online.

Innovative Labor Systeme (ILS) offers quality needles for sale. ILS is a leading manufacturer of glass microsyringes and a global supplier to many of the world’s leading laboratory equipment manufacturers, laboratories and laboratory consumables distributors. The company founded in 1992 is based in a small village in Germany (Stützerbach) that has a rich, innovative glass making history. For example, the German thermometer (1830), the electric bulb (1883), the vacuum flask (1895) and the Röntgen X-ray tube (1893) were all developed in Stützerbach.

ILS’s needles and glass microsyringes are made from the highest quality materials (i.e., stainless steel and DURAN® 3.3 borosilicate glass) and are available for a wide range of applications including gas chromatography (GC), thin liquid chromatography (TLC), high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), spectroscopy, liquid sampling and autosampling. All metal parts, including needles, of an ILS glass microsyringe are designed and manufactured in-house using state-of-the-art computer-controlled milling and lathing machines. If your laboratory, company or organization is looking to buy needles and syringes, ILS’s website is available 24 hours, 7 days a week not only to buy glass microsyringes online but also to buy needles online.

ILS has a variety of needles for sale in gauges from 10 to 33. They are available in two general types—fixed and removable. The fixed type are permanently attached to the glass barrel with glue are not autoclavable. The removable type can be removed by unthreading from the glass barrel. As a result, the needle can be replaced if damaged. There are five tips styles to choose from including:

  • Tip “a” - Designed for optimum penetration of the septa and prevents septa coring. Additionally, the electro-tapered tip decreases the necessary piercing force and diameter of the injection channel.
  • Tip “b” - Designed for precise pipetting. This tip is widely used for HPLC sample injection.
  • Tip “c” - Specially designed for autosamplers and is ideal for PTFE-laminated-seals and regular septa.
  • Tip “c**” - Designed with dual gauges—narrow gauge at front end for on-column injection and wide gauge to increase strength for autosampler use.
  • Tip “d” - Designed with a side opening for dispensing and filling, which avoids plugging and minimizes septa damage. This tip is ideal for thicker septa and recommended for headspace analysis.

Other available options include with metal leur-screw, with plastic leur-screw and customizable lengths with or without guides. For those that want to buy needles online, these products complement the more than 1000 types and variations of microsyringes manufactured by the company. All of this combines to make ILS’s website one of the premier destinations to buy needles online.  As a result, obtaining a solution as to where to buy needles and syringes.

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