About ILS

ILS Innovative Labor Systeme is a leading manufacturer of glass syringes for liquid handling instruments and is a global supplier to laboratory equipment manufacturer, laboratories and laboratory consumables distributors.

ILS is located in Stuetzerbach, a small village in the Thuringian Forest in central Germany. Even though small in size, Stuetzerbach has made a name for itself all over the world and has quite a history in glass manufacturing.

Since the first glass factory was founded in Stuetzerbach in 1674, it was a village of innovation. The German thermometer (1839), light bulb (1883), Mr. Röntgen's X-Ray tube (1893) and the vacuum flask (1895) were all first developed in Stuetzerbach.

about us


ILS was founded in 1992, benefiting from skills and expertise of people in the area. Today we manufacture more than 1000 types and variations of syringes. Our syringes range from 0,5 μL to 100 mL for precision sampling and dosage in chromatography, spectroscopy, preparation of standard solutions, manual application and for use in autosamplers, diluters, dispensers and other liquid handling instruments.

Precision diluter valves are also available as a recent addition to the production range.

ILS shrinks its own precision bore tubing from 3.3 borosilicate glass, highly resistant material. Also all metal parts and PTFE-seals are made in-house. State-of-the-art computer-controlled equipment such as milling machines, lathes and glass shrinking machines and years of glass working experience guarantee the best quality in products.

about us


Starting September 1st, 2016, ILS is now part of Gardner Denver Medical Group. Gardner Denver Medical is a leader in flow control solutions primarily for medical and laboratory sectors - focused on solutions for OEMs. Innovation, global capabilities and a solution centric approach to our customer´s success is at our core. Together, our Thomas, Welch, TriContinent, Zinsser Analytic and ILS brands are serving more than 5,000 customers globally. A global production network with seven modern manufacturing facilities throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia allows fast and flexible reaction to our customer needs.