Perkin Elmer®
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Perkin Elmer

Glass Barrel: Borosilicate 3.3

Removable Needle(RN) autoclavable

stainless steel=sst*

Needle Tip 

AS 100/AS 2000, AS 3000 GC Autosystems, CLARUS 600 / 680

Needle Tip     c c
      RN FN
    Length 70mm 70mm
Volume Plunger Tip O.D. (Gauge) Part No. Part No.
0,5µl T 0.47 (26s) 2208051  
0,5µl T 0,64 (23s) 2208053  
5µl sst* 0.47 (26s)   2108302
5µl sst* 0,64 (23s)   2108303
50µl sst* 0,64 (23s)   2108604
5µl PTFE 0.47 (26s)   2608302
5µl PTFE 0,64 (23s)   2608303
50µl PTFE 0.47 (26s)   2608603
50µl PTFE 0,64 (23s)   2608604
100µl PTFE 0,47 (26s)   2608703

N6101390 N6101252 N6101253 N6101251 N6101380 N6101760

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