ILS (Innovative Labor Systeme GmbH) and Zinsser Analytic were acquired by the Gardner Denver Medical group, joining the Thomas, Welch and TriContinent brands. The group offers leading flow control products and automation systems for the medical and laboratory sectors, with a focus on OEMs. A global production network, with seven manufacturing facilities in the USA, Europe and Asia, allows fast and flexible solutions for customers’ needs.


ILS (Innovative Labor Systeme GmbH) was founded in Stützerbach, Germany, to produce micro-syringes, valves and OEM parts for liquid handling systems. Thanks to Stützerbach’s long history in glass manufacturing, ILS benefitted from the skills and expertise of the people in the area to become one of the leading producers of high-precision glass syringes. Today, ILS offers more than 1000 types of micro-syringes, ranging from 0.5 μl to 100 ml, for an extensive range of applications.